The English Congregational Program at Colegio La Paz will make students achieve an English level that will allow them to develop communicative, oral and written competences to participate in a global, scientific and technological 21st. Century Culture. It has a well-structured sequenced curriculum that is well suited from kindergarten to high school. These plans are divided into two main lines, which are acquisition and communicative use of the English language and Reading and Writing of English as a second language.

The purpose of the Bilingual Program is to take a step further towards the consolidation of bilingualism including a third curricular length where academic content is provided in English. This is done in order to achieve greater proficiency and meet the international standards of bilingualism. This third guideline allows students to develop in the second language specific skills for academic and curricular purposes. It was developed to meet the demands of our national education authority SEP with a focus on meaningful learning of the constructivist methodology.